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April 30, 2017
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April 30, 2017

Women Empowerment and the Role of Queen Mothers in the Bole Traditional Area


The study assessed the role of queen mothers in women empowerment in the Bole traditional area. The study looked at issues such as the level of women’s participation on matters of interest to the Bole traditional area, the constitution of women in leadership position, the impact made by queen mothers in promoting women empowerment drive in the Bole traditional area. The study also examined the empowerment strategies adopted by queen mothers and women empowerment issues in the Bole Traditional Area. The methods used in data collection included questionnaires, interviews and conversation with key informants. Out of a population of 18 queen mothers, and 102 chiefs, a sample size of 32 was selected. Out of the 32, there were 15 queen mothers, 4 chiefs, 6 officials from the district assembly and 4 key informants. The study revealed among others that, queen mothers have been able to mobilize women to participate in anti-social empowerment programs, in communal labour, farming, construction works, organization of festivals and funerals.