Residents’ Perception of Host-Guest Interaction about Kwahu Easter Festival (KEF) As Festival Tourism
July 31, 2016
Perception towards the Impact of Protected Forest Resources and Tourism on Local Livelihood – A Case Study of Old Ankasa
July 31, 2016

The Role of the Media in Promoting Zimbabwean Public Policies: A Case Study of Zim Asset.


When policy makers come up with public policies, the public has to be kept informed of any developments since they are the beneficiaries. This paper examines the role played by the media in promoting public policies in general and Zim Asset in particular. Zim Asset is Zimbabwe’s economic plan put in place in 2013; it is supposed to carry the country through to 2018. Having established that there are concerns on how both the private and public media are covering Zim Asset, the question that arises is whether any of the media houses are being objective. This research was premised on the anti-positivism research philosophy.