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January 31, 2019
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February 28, 2019

The role of Social Media platforms in the promotion of beach resorts in the Western Region of Ghana


The business world is now experiencing a technology-driven shift due to the extensive adoption of social media by both consumers and organizations. Experts believe that such changes in technologies and their resulting challenges for marketers have great impact on tourism destinations. This paper examined the critical role played by social media platforms (SMPs) in the promotion of beach resorts in Western Region of Ghana. Continuing the focus on extant literature, the current study covered how social media platforms are used in the promotion of products and services; benefits organizations derive from adopting social media to promote their businesses. The study sampled ten beach resorts located in the Western Region of Ghana, and selected hundred (100) individuals (comprising both managers and visitors) to participate in Focus Group Discussions (ten from each resort). Participants were later interviewed using one-on-one-qualitative-interviews. Data were analyzed by means of thematic analysis. It is concluded that findings of this study are congruent with extant studies