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June 30, 2017
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June 30, 2017

The Core and Integration of Machine Vision Applications in Industries


Rapid robust development of CCD /CMOS smart cameras in the domain of machine vision (MV) systems has become much widespread in different areas of the industry for processing, inspection, and product monitoring. Though machine vision was once considered simply a substitute for human vision, presently it is known as an operator for quality and productivity with the know-how in acquiring multi-dimensional and non-visible millimicron information. The technology and techniques of machine vision are used to deliver imaging centered automatic inspection and analysis for applications including tasks such as process control, measurement, automatic inspection, robot guidance, recognition and positioning of products etc. The 3-main aim of this paper is to describe a simple MV system and its components, present application of MV system used in various industries and to create a platform or reference guide for young researchers in the field of machine vision.