Assessing the Effects of Public Transport Services on Commuters along Awoshie to Pokuase Road
September 30, 2017
Water Losses Analysis and Performance of Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum (PDAM) in Kutai Kartanegara – East Borneo Indonesia
September 30, 2017

Re-Design and Manufacture of a Mobile Multi-Blowing Blacksmith Forge


Blacksmithing is a perfect gift of art and creativity. The forge is the heart of every blacksmith firm because forging cannot be done without it. However, the problems in our localities about the blacksmith forge is that the forge is created by modeling the firepot out of digging the ground which is not convenient to use, waste a lot of charcoal (fuel) and is also static in nature. Therefore, a mobile multi-blowing blacksmith forge is re-design and manufactured to eradicate these problems and its performance evaluated. The test results show that the forge is efficient in retaining heat much longer than the primitive once hence improving fuel efficiency by increasing income and also due to its lining, heat radiation is drastically reduced thereby providing much healthier environments for the blacksmith.