Assessing Bread Consumption and Its Effects on the Consumer in the Tamale Metropolis of Ghana
March 31, 2017
A review on the ‘role of a faculty officer’ in the administration and management of tertiary institutions in Ghana: the case of Takoradi Technical University
March 31, 2017

Production of Frafra Potatoes (Persa) Into Flour for Biscuits and Other Cookies


The use of indigenous raw materials for the production of goods and services is well accepted as a form of empowerment and the creation of wealth and employment. Base on the above assumptions the study sought to promote the use of frafra potatoes in the productions of goods and services by using it to produce a Biscuits. The population for the study was Sumbrungu community comprising the community members, students and lecturers of Bolgatanga Polytechnic. A sample of thirty (30) respondents was selected to take part in the sensory evaluation test conducted on the biscuit produced from the frafra potatoes. The results showed that majority of the people in the communities in the study area use frafra potatoes in the production of several local dishes but have no idea of processing it into flour for dishes.