“Realities of public sector procurement: A case study of two Polytechnics in Ghana.”
February 28, 2015
The Acceptability of the National Health Insurance Scheme (GNHIS) to the People of Choggu, in the Sagnerigu District.
March 31, 2015

Polytechnic students’ ICT competencies in using productivity tools.


Technology is said to be the driver of this new economy and human capital is the fuel. ICT literacy is using digital technology, communications tools, and/or networks to access, manage, integrate, evaluate and create information in order to function in a knowledge society. In a developing country like Ghana, ICT competencies of graduates in tertiary institutions are seldom reported and it is not known whether graduates from Ghanaian tertiary institution possess the requisite ICT competencies to support economic growth in the world of work. This study therefore evaluates the competencies of polytechnic graduates in the use of productivity tools. The researcher adopted the descriptive survey method. Data was analyzed into frequencies, means and standard deviation. T-test and ANOVA were used to test for statistically significant differences.