Leadership an essential ingredient in effective and successful management: the case study of Carson Products West Africa Limited.
November 30, 2013
Review of Peri-Urban Agricultural Concept and Its Place in Solving Food Crisis of Developing Countries: A Community Development Approach
December 13, 2013

Perspective Report on Shortage of Fiscal Means for District Assemblies in Ghana.

The provision of infrastructure and services is essential for sustainable economic, social and environmental development. Local governments provide goods and services such as roads, public transport, water supplies, sewerage, waste disposal, health care, schools, maintenance of security and public safety. They also provide amenities that enhance citizens’ quality of life, e.g. recreational parks, sports facilities, youth and cultural centers. All over the world, local governments are facing enormous challenges in satisfying the increasing need in these investments. There is a rising expectation of citizenry on local government. Ironically, fiscal resources for local governments to deliver on the above are generally at the whims and caprices of Central Government. Generally, Local Governments lack fiscal autonomy to properly perform their functions.