The effects of exchange rate on foreign direct investment inflows: Evidence from Ghana
October 1, 2019
Attitude of Senior High School Students Towards Mathematics in The Sagnerigu Municipality of Northern Region
October 31, 2019

Modeling & Optimization of Renewable Energy Resources Potential for Lachie rural Village, Ethiopia


The vast majority of 100 million Ethiopian populations are living in rural areas where access to modern electricity is difficult. Therefore, grid extensions for those rural societies are expensive and, in some cases, it is impossible as a result of the geographical features, high cost of distribution and the very low load factor. Thus, they are using firewood and kerosene as major sources of energy in cooking, heating and lighting. This study assessed the available potential of solar radiation, wind speed and micro hydro power for rural communities in Lachie Site (N12°1′, E39°33.6′), Eastern Amhara region, Ethiopia. An electric load which includes lighting, television, radio receiver, flour mill, stove, water pumping and microscope has been suggested.