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August 31, 2018
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August 31, 2018

Integrating Indigenous and Western Education: Curricular Implications for African Schools


This paper hinges on the proposition that there was no education in African indigenous society until the establishment of western education in Africa. The paper sets out to debunk this assertion and makes a case for the fusion of indigenous and western educational systems with due cognisance of the curricular implications especially as it relates to the aims, methods and contents of both systems. The paper further argues that the ultimate objective of producing the educated person (imbued with certain type of thinking needed or underpinned by a sense of family, community and national identity) is for selfless service to his home, town/community, nation and the global village. The author conclusively underscores the need for curriculum reform at all levels of African educational system and entreats stakeholders in education to avert the defunctionalisation of indigenous education.