Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Salary Administration by Controller and Accountant General’s Department in Ghana: A Study of Tamale Technical
May 31, 2017
Analysis of Upstream-Downstream Irrigation Water Use Efficiency in Bontanga Irrigation Scheme
June 30, 2017

Influence of Irrigation Regimes on the Growth and Yield Components of Lettuce (Lattuca Sativa L.)


Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) is one of the most important salad vegetable crop in the world due to its potential to return profit, nutritional value and production potential. The study analysed the response of different irrigation regimes on the growth and yield parameters of lettuce crop. The experiment was carried out on 48 m2 plot in the waterworks area of Tamale Metropolis. Randomized Complete Block Design (factorial) with four treatments and four replications was adopted. Soils were sampled and analysed in the laboratory for FC and PWP. Irrigation regimes used include: 100 % AWC (A), 75 % AWC (B), 50 % AWC (C) and 25 % AWC (D). Data collected were subjected to ANOVA at 5 % significance level. Results from the analysis showed significant difference between treatments A and B, A and D, B and C, B and D and C and D for leaf area index. Plant height was also significant between all the blocks. Significant difference occurred between B and D, A and C, A and D, and B and C recorded significant difference in terms of stem girth. Further, root length showed statistical difference between B and D, A and C, A and D and B and C.