About Us

Africa Development and Resources Research Institute Journals are international, double blind peer-review and published as the official journals of the Africa Development and Resources Research Institute (ADRRI), Ghana. The journals aim to publish papers of high quality and strive to promote scholarly debate across a broad international coverage of subjects based on the editorial policy, accepting submissions in any of the areas within the journals scope. The journals scope cover all aspects of the environmental, labour economics, economics in general, gender studies, child rights, social, and cultural sustainability, including land resources, water resources, energy, agriculture, marine resources, ecology, environmental protection, health risks, education, human relations, labour, social policy, corporate responsibility, law, governance, urban planning, transportation, products & services, management, marketing & financial development, economic development, technological development, public policy formulation, engineering, water, trade, medicine, nutrition, management and marketing, poverty, political science, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, mathematics, statistics, actuarial science, sociology, procurement, supply chain, english, art, accounting, fashion and design, ceramics and so on.