The ADRRI Journal of Policy Education and Development Issues is a scholarly forum dedicated to exploring a diverse array of subjects at the intersection of policy, education, and development. Encompassing a broad scope, this journal welcomes contributions from researchers, educators, and policymakers across various disciplines, including but not limited to education policy, social policy, economic development, public administration, and international relations. The primary aim of this journal is to foster in-depth discussions and disseminate research that addresses critical issues shaping contemporary societies. By providing a platform for rigorous academic inquiry, the journal seeks to contribute to evidence-based policy formulation, enhance educational practices, and promote sustainable development. The interdisciplinary nature of the journal encourages a comprehensive examination of complex challenges, thereby aiming to facilitate positive societal changes through informed policy decisions and innovative educational strategies.

E-ISSN: 2961-0273

Publication Frequency: Quarterly

Start Date: October, 2023

Publishing Model

The journal publication is Open Access (

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