About the Journal

The ADRRI Journal of Management Sciences and Entrepreneurship (ADRRIJMSE) provides a dynamic platform for scholarly exploration in the realms of management sciences and entrepreneurship. The journal encompasses a diverse array of subjects, including but not limited to organizational behavior, strategic management, innovation, leadership, and the multifaceted aspects of entrepreneurship. The journal aims to foster a robust exchange of ideas, insights, and empirical research to advance knowledge in these fields. It welcomes contributions that delve into emerging trends, theoretical advancements, and practical applications within management sciences and entrepreneurship. With a commitment to excellence, the journal seeks to facilitate dialogue among academics, researchers, and practitioners, promoting a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that characterize the dynamic landscapes of management and entrepreneurship. Through this interdisciplinary approach, the journal endeavors to contribute to the ongoing development of these crucial domains, offering valuable insights for academics, professionals, and policymakers alike.