For ADRRI to publish and disseminate research articles, clear provisions regarding publishing rights are outlined to ensure ownership.

Under our publishing agreement, authors retain ownership rights, empowering them to share, disseminate, and maximize the impact of their research. Authors also possess rights to both open access and peer-reviewed articles published by ADRRI.

The following rights are elucidated for authors publishing with ADRRI, applicable to both the corresponding author and all co-authors:

  • Authors retain patent and trademark rights.
  • They maintain the freedom to use their research data without restrictions.
  • Proper attribution and credit for their published work are ensured.
  • Authors can utilize and share their works for scholarly purposes.
  • Copyright is retained.

ADRRI is dedicated to protecting and defending authors' work, irrespective of the publication format. Their reputation is safeguarded, and matters concerning plagiarism, infringement, ethical disputes, and fraud are treated with utmost seriousness.