About the Journal

The ADRRI Journal of Finance, Economics, and Sustainable Development (ADRRIJFESD) encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects at the intersection of finance, economics, and sustainable development. This interdisciplinary journal welcomes submissions that delve into various aspects of financial markets, economic theories, and practices, while also addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with sustainable development. The aim is to explore diverse dimensions of finance and economics while emphasizing the critical importance of sustainable development. By encouraging interdisciplinary synthesis, the journal strives to facilitate a nuanced understanding of the interconnected challenges and opportunities in these domains. Topics may include but are not limited to financial modeling, investment strategies, economic policy analysis, environmental economics, social sustainability, impact investing, corporate social responsibility, and innovations fostering sustainable economic growth. The journal encourages diverse perspectives, empirical studies, theoretical frameworks, and policy-oriented analyses that contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the complex relationships between finance, economics, and sustainable development. Through this diversity of subjects, the journal aims to stimulate dialogue and advance knowledge in these interconnected fields.