Customer Satisfaction Analysis of South Sumatera LRT (Indonesia)


  • Erwin Martoras
  • Heni Fitriani
  • dan Betty Susanti



Customer Satisfaction is an essential part that public service management must achieve in their services. KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia) management, as the civil service administrator, should make customer satisfaction as their top priority to ensure customer loyalty. The existence of this conditions requires the operator to measure some variable that would affect customer satisfaction to improve services. This journal will focus on the performance during the operation phase and its implications to KAI management. It is proposed to use Dynamic System modeling and simulation to explore the problem of user satisfaction. This study considers ways for the public service operator to improve users level of comfort. The writer collects data through questionnaire and interview surveys to obtain a causal diagram that will be translated into a stock diagram and flow for simulation. This model will be rigorously tested before being used for experimental policies on customer satisfaction. Based on the modeling results, the average value of customer satisfaction is 4,359 of the total scale (0-5) from Vensim modeling.


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Martoras, E., Fitriani, H., & Susanti, dan B. (2019). Customer Satisfaction Analysis of South Sumatera LRT (Indonesia). ADRRI Journal of Engineering and Technology, 4(5), 1-17.