Aim and Scope

ADRRI Journal of Contemporary African Development is dedicated to providing a comprehensive platform for the exploration and analysis of diverse facets within the realm of contemporary African development. The scope of the journal spans a broad spectrum of subjects, encompassing but not limited to socio-economic issues, political developments, cultural dynamics, technological advancements, and environmental sustainability across the African continent. With a commitment to fostering interdisciplinary discourse, the journal aims to facilitate a nuanced understanding of the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that define the trajectory of contemporary African development. It welcomes contributions that employ rigorous research methodologies, innovative perspectives, and empirical insights to contribute to the scholarly dialogue on Africa's development landscape. The overarching goal is to serve as a catalyst for informed discussions, policy implications, and transformative actions that can positively impact the ongoing development of the African continent. Through this collaborative and inclusive approach, the journal aspires to be a leading source of knowledge for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners invested in the diverse dimensions of contemporary African development.