Peer Review Process

The journal adopts a double-blind peer review process to evaluate manuscripts before publication. The Journal scrutinizes and regulates the quality of content it publishes, by inviting experts in the field to review and comment on manuscripts received. The Peer review processes of  the ADRRI Journal of Arts and Social Sciences are characterized by the following steps:

Submission of Paper: Authors or corresponding authors submit their papers to the journal via an online system. Submissions may be accepted by email in case of any difficulty but the entire review process is conducted based the Journal Online System.

Editorial Office Assessment: Composition and arrangement of the papers are checked by the journal to ascertain whether the author followed the guidelines as included in the required sections and styles.

Appraisal by the Editor-in-Chief: The editor-in-chief checks that papers submitted to the journal is original, appropriate and sufficient and interesting because they may be rejected when they don’t meet these requirements.

Editor-in-Chief assigns an Associate Editor: The Editor-in-Chief of ADRRI Journal of Arts and Social Sciences assigns an Associate Editor to handle the peer review at this stage.

Invitation to Reviewers: Invitations are sent to individuals who are appropriate to be reviewers to review the manuscript.

Response to invitations: Potential reviewers consider the invitation against their own expertise, conflicts of interest and availability. They may however choose to accept or decline.

Review is conducted: Time is set aside by the reviewer to read paper several times. The first read forms an initial impression of the work. Reviewers may however choose to reject the paper at this stage should he/she finds major problems otherwise, they will read papers several more times by taking notes of the salient points. Review is then submitted to the journal with a recommendation. Whether to accept it or reject it or make revisions.

Journal evaluates the reviews: All the returned reviews are considered before making a final judgement or decision.

The decision is communicated: The decision is sent to the author the by the editor, including any relevant reviewer comments via Journal Online System.