An analysis of human resource policy framework and governance in the Ghana Armed Forces


  • PETER YIDAAN Western Naval Command, Sekondi Naval Base, Sekondi


Keywords: Policy framework, Training, human resource development, Governance, Ghana Armed Forces, Recruitment and selection and Military policies.


The research examined the human resource policy framework and governance practices in the Ghana Armed Forces. The study looked at the Ghanaian Armed Forces' policies and governance, as well as the service members' development needs. A participatory action research approach was used in this study. The study considered the administrative and operational staff of the Ghana Armed Forces (Western Naval Command, Eastern Naval Command, Southern Command, Central Command, and Burma Camp, Accra). The study discovered that the service can measure the performance of their personnel by establishing and implementing an appropriate policy framework and good governance policies. The study recommends that higher command and the ministry of defense institution policies to improve the directorate for human resource management and development to take care of professional development programs for its employees to enhance their performance. The Ghana armed Forces recruitment, enlistment, and selection processes are also examined.




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