A Site the Platform for Achieving Excellence in Social Entrepreneurship Development in Ejura-Sekyedumasi Municipality, Ghana


  • Pambour Aning Valley View University, Accra, Ghana


positive change, skills, innovation, risk, credit facility, and social entrepreneurship


The paper presents the research study on social entrepreneurship in Ejura-Sekyedumasi Municipality, Ghana. Ten social enterprises from the Municipality were purposively sampled for the research. Secondary data, mainly records on the social entrepreneurship selected, were studied. Results portray job creation, bringing people together for collective action to resolve social problems, and promoting equity in development as benefits of social entrepreneurship in the study area. Innovation in Entrepreneurship opens doors to several prospects by facilitating the business to preserve current trends. It enhances the nature, creativity, and design thinking process of organizations. Social entrepreneurs are often enthusiastic about taking on the risk and effort to generate positive social change through their creativities. Findings revealed the lack of financial and technical support to sustain social entrepreneurship activities and secure skillful staff and the absence of employee capacity-building programs. Other problems were erratic power supply, lack of credit facilities, and unforeseen emergencies that destabilized their operations. There was also no effective collaboration between social entrepreneurship, government, and donors. The study recommends that competitive wages, rewards, and attractive working conditions be used to attract quality employees, and regular training is done to update the skills of the staff of social entrepreneurs. Cheaper and stable electric power such as solar should be sourced. There should also be backup plans for projects and programs to cater to emergencies. The study concludes that the Area will have much potential for social entrepreneurship if constraints impeding their effective operations are addressed.


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