Demographic Factors Predicting Turnover Intentions in Tamale Technical University


  • Hawawu Yakubu



The goal of this study was to appreciate demographic factors predicting turnover intentions. Literature was reviewed in areas of turnover and the following demographic factors: age, gender, education, tenure, marital status and income. Correlation design and quantitative strategy were used in this study. PLS-SEM path modeling estimation technique was adopted to determine whether a significant relationship exists between the Demographic factors (Level of education, Marital Status, Age group, Gender, Income level and Tenure) and Turnover Intentions. Therefore the study sought to understand demographic factors predicting turnover intentions in Tamale Technical University. It was recommended that, to reduce turnover in the University, the university should make conscious efforts to support staff acquire higher academic qualification so that their income could be enhanced. Those who stay longer with lower academic qualification and lower income are still not willing to stay back and the university should take a look at that in order to reduce turnover.


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Yakubu, H. (2018). Demographic Factors Predicting Turnover Intentions in Tamale Technical University. ADRRI Journal of Arts and Social Sciences, 15(10), 1-25.