The ADRRI Journal of Advances in Science, Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence is a dynamic platform designed to encompass a wide spectrum of subjects within the realms of cutting-edge science, innovative engineering, and artificial intelligence. The scope of this journal is expansive, covering diverse disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, civil and mechanical engineering, computer science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The journal aims to be at the forefront of disseminating high-impact research that contributes to the advancement of scientific knowledge, technological innovation, and the application of artificial intelligence in various domains. It seeks to provide a collaborative space for researchers, scientists, and engineers to share groundbreaking discoveries, novel methodologies, and technological developments. Through fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and embracing a variety of subjects, the journal aspires to catalyze advancements that address current challenges and shape the future landscape of science, engineering, and artificial intelligence.

E-ISSN: 2961-0265

Publication Frequency: Quarterly

Start Date: October, 2023

Publishing Model

The journal publication is Open Access (

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     60 days                                                             75 days