Editorial Board

Every Journal needs to build an engaging editorial board in order to be successful. It is the duty of the editorial board to bring together varieties of subject experts within the field who can advice the Journal on policies, strategies and scope of publication.

They need to act as a team that is ready to be potential reviewers and as well be interested in the success of the Journal. They must also ensure that credibility is added to the Journal and celebrate important experts within specific fields of research. They are responsible for timely publishing of accepted articles. They provide expert advice on contents, attracting new authors and encouraging submission of manuscripts.


Name: DR. DAHA YETONGNON Gnimansou Awohouedji, Benin

Institution: Agricultural Sciences, Animal Resources Management, UAC/FAS.

Name: DR. NSIKAK-ABASI Etim, Nigeria

Institution: Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Uyo, Nigeria


Institution: Nepal Agricultural Research Council, NPBGRC, Lalitpur, Nepal