Determinants of Smallholder Maize Farmers’ Varietal Choice


  • Mokgadi A Makwela Department of Agricultural Economics and Animal Production, University of Limpopo, South Africa
  • Isaac B. Oluwatayo Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, University of Venda, South Africa
  • Lungile S. Gidi Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, University of Venda, South Africa



Maize seeds differ according to varieties. The traditional maize varieties well known as landrace are
seeds that are domesticated with special traits derived from development and adaptation over time.
These seeds retain a distinct identity and lack formal crop improvement. Improved maize variety seeds
are well known for their desired attributes of being drought-tolerant, disease-tolerant and yielding
optimal output. This study was therefore conducted to examine some factors influencing varietal
choice amongst smallholder maize farmers in Mogalakwena Municipality of Limpopo province, South
Africa. Data was analysed using the descriptive statistics and Multinomial Logistic Regression Model.
The results of the study highlighted that 64% of the respondents had formal education. It was also
found that 75% of the farmers had no extension contact, meanwhile, it is believed that extension services
have a crucial impact and would play an important role in disseminating information related to
agricultural practice. The most grown maize variety was the landrace variety constituting 59.5% with
about 80% of the farmers traveling an average of 42 kilometres to access available market. The result of
Multinomial Logistic Regression Model revealed that educational level (p<0.00), farm size (p<0.05),
yield (p<0.00), extension contact (p<0.01) and knowledge of maize varieties (p<0.00) influenced varietal
choice among the farmers. Based on the study outcomes, it is recommended that enhancing capacity
building of famers through education and improvement in extension service delivery will not only
improve better adoption but also engender access to useful information on maize varierties.


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A Makwela, M. ., B. Oluwatayo, . I., & S. Gidi, L. (2021). Determinants of Smallholder Maize Farmers’ Varietal Choice. ADRRI Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences, 5(1(4), April, 2021-June), 1-18., April, 2021-June.648