Guest Editor

The guest editor holds the primary duty of possessing prior expertise regarding the intellectual substance pertinent to manuscripts and publication. This involves procuring articles from authors, assessing them, collaborating with authors and editorial assistants for essential revisions, and orchestrating the review process.

They guarantee the fairness and timeliness of the peer-review system. Selected papers must uphold scientific excellence while aligning with the thematic realm embraced by the Journal.

Articles' evaluations are undertaken by guest editors well-versed in the field, who also scrutinize potential reviewer biases or conflicts of interest. At least two external reviewers, assess articles, with input sought from the guest editor and Editor in Chief. To forestall the inclusion of deceitful peer reviewers, the guest editor adheres to a publisher-provided guide on optimal practices.

All journal communications must flow through the electronic submission system, overseen by the guest editor. They assume responsibility for safeguarding all materials submitted to the journal, ensuring utmost confidentiality of articles.