Christian Ethics and Employee Management systems


  • Aning Pambour Valley View University



ethics, management, employee, values, professionals, Christians


The research study reviews relevant literature on effect of Christian ethics on employee administration. Corporate ethics and employee organization schemes have grown in numbers and relevance and have gained the attention of several works of literature. However, little is known about how religious values impact the employee management system, predominantly Christian ethics. The study was to find out how Christian ethics influence employee management and address the inadequacy of research studies in the area. The study used an experimental method and gathered data through reviewing relevant documents such as books, articles, and research studies involving qualitative data and analysis using an interpretive approach. The results showed that Christian ethics positively affects employees, health professionals, and employers and could enhance their performance and overall output of the Organization's productivity. The results further revealed that Christian ethical principles beneficial to organizations could be extracted and designated as positive work ethics to be accepted by both Christians and non-Christians to promote ethical conduct and productivity. They could put as written policies as a shared vision. The study recommends that human resource professionals act as guardians to protect their organizations and select employees that align with their organizations' ethics and values. The study concludes that human resource professionals can also train managers to exhibit ethical conduct in a structured formal system to develop a moral climate in the workplace.


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