The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Staff Turnover Intentions in the Hotels in Ghana


  • Anugud Barbara Mbawuni Graduate School, Tamale Technical University



hotels, job satisfaction, worker, turnover, intentions


Employee turnover in the hotel sector is relatively higher compare to other industries globally. An employer's labour expenditures rise as a result of staff turnover, and this in turn has a negative impact on the company's bottom line and its ability to compete. The purpose of the study is to examine the influence of job satisfaction on turnover intentions in the hotel sector. Both extrinsic and intrinsic job satisfaction, as well as employee turnover intentions, were examined in this quantitative and correlational research on staff providing front desk and customer service in Ghanaian hotels. The study is quantitative, cross-sectional and correlational one and sample size is 170. Overall, it was found that both intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfactions have significant positive effect on both voluntary and involuntary turnover intentions. Managers of hotels must ensure that their front desk staff are satisfied always to curb the exit of staff to other firms or industries. Whilst job satisfaction is a positive concept, turnover is a negative concept. Overall, job satisfaction reduces intention to leave.


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Mbawuni , A. B. (2022). The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Staff Turnover Intentions in the Hotels in Ghana. ADRRI Journal (Multidisciplinary), 31(3 (8) July-September), 17-30. (8) July-September.928