Entrepreneurial Capstone Design Course Practices: Insights from Harare Institute of Technology, Zimbabwe


  • Makanzwa Mercy Masunda Harare Institute of Technology
  • Maxwell Chanakira
  • Tawanda Lastone Makombe Harare Institute of Technology


entrepreneurial capstone practices



There are a number of ways through which entrepreneurship can be incorporated in the Engineering curriculum. Given that the nature of capstone design courses is that they are application and experiential they provide an excellent context to integrate entrepreneurship in the engineering undergraduates’ curriculum. The integration of entrepreneurship into engineering capstone courses has been well tested and implemented in the USA and in the UK.

The idea of embedding entrepreneurship in the Engineering curriculum is fairly new to Zimbabwe. In a bid to benchmark capstone design courses against already established standards this study was carried out at Harare Institute of Technology, Zimbabwe.  The purpose of the study was to benchmark HIT capstone design courses against already established best practices from the USA and the UK. 

The research had two main objectives; firstly to determine how and to what extent HIT faculty were incorporating the different entrepreneurial practices in their Capstone design courses and secondly; to establish the extent to which the findings at Harare Institute of Technology match the broad characterisation of an entrepreneurial capstone as suggested by the American and the UK models.

An explanatory multi- phase mixed method design was used.  This involved collection and analysis of quantitative data combined with collection and /or analysis of qualitative data. A questionnaire was distributed and   personal interviews were conducted with key informants (project coordinators) from the institute. The findings indicate a positive mapping on some aspects of the Entrepreneurial capstone,

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