‘Knotted for Fashion’, the Current Ethos for Macramé Jewelry in Ghana


  • Abraham Ekow Asmah
  • Effie Koomson
  • Samuel Teye Daitey




Culture, is not exclusively an art, customs, habits, feelings, values, behaviour and material appreciation, but also an aspect of the totality of the way of life of a group of people that has been developed, influenced by the environment and practiced to change the needs of the citizenry over time. The work on ‘knotted for fashion’, the Current Ethos for Macramé jewelry in Ghana brings to light the potentials of the artistic creation of a vibrant micro macramé jewelry culture among Ghanaian enterprising youth. Using the experimental and descriptive research approach, the study assents the possibility of using the art of macramé to produce a fashionable acceptable micro macramé jewelry products in Ghana and at the same time describes meticulously the selected micro macramé jewelry formulated. The authors maintain that the art of micro macramé jewelry is potential fashionable techniques that complement other traditional jewelry production. It also adopts a social, cultural acceptable component to raise a self-motivating wealth creation phase. The survey demonstrated that a new trend of jewelry design has evolved and that the new innovations are the result of old jewelry precepts as well as the technical exposure of micro macramé jewelry in the global fashion culture. The conclusion arrived at was that the art of macramé has become an entire part of integrated jewelry methods and cultural practice, which is however, undergoing a remarkable shift.


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Asmah, A. E., Koomson, E., & Daitey, S. T. (2016). ‘Knotted for Fashion’, the Current Ethos for Macramé Jewelry in Ghana. ADRRI Journal (Multidisciplinary), 26(1), 16-77. https://doi.org/10.55058/adrrij.v26i1.312