Product Standardization and Functional Diversification of “Bolga” Basketry for Export in Ghana


  • Abraham Ekow Asmah
  • Shimul Mehta Vyas
  • Effie Koomson



The export of Basketry products is an important occupational activity in the everyday life of the Upper East Region of Ghana specifically Bolgatanga. These traditional geometric designs, forms and multi-coloured complex patterns laboriously created by hand, are most frequently rejected and shipped back by exporters in the basket business. This report emphasizes the fact that international demand for fashionable “Bolga” baskets are a giant economic business. Unfortunately, these “Bolga” baskets lack standard forms and shapes coupled with lack of diversified design forms that could promote, sustain and develop the basket industry. To improve the quality of basketry, new technologies and practices were adapted to reflect the ever-changing demands in the export market. The inhibitions to these desired attributes were discussed using the qualitative research design which utilized the following methods and data collection instruments: experimental, descriptive, and workshop base approach, purposive sampling technique, interview and observation. The outcomes showed significant accuracy and improvement which indicate that standardization of products to mass replication for export have higher cost value, establishes better acceptance of products and resolves the issue of different sizes, form and pattern. It is urged that such technological approach to basketry for export and the interchange of ideas between the academia and the artisans be encouraged. Further inquiry on other uses of straw will go a long way to keep the creative potentials of basketry in Ghana.


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Asmah, A. E., Vyas, S. M., & Koomson, E. (2016). Product Standardization and Functional Diversification of “Bolga” Basketry for Export in Ghana. ADRRI Journal (Multidisciplinary), 25(12), 15-30.