Assessment of the Impact of Training and Development on Employee Performance and Productivity.


  • James Acheampong Nguah
  • Sally Sapa Asare



This research presents an assessment of the impact of Training and Development on employee performance and productivity. Selected branches of the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) in the Western Region of Ghana were used with the key motive of assessing the role of training and development in the Ghanaian banking industry. The descriptive survey, basically the cross-sectional survey; and purposive sampling technique were employed as the study design and the sampling technique respectively. The research relied on primary data which was obtained through the administration of questionnaire. The data was coded and analysed using SPSS version 16.0. Based on the analysis, the following findings, among other things were made: employees of ADB have access to various training packages that seek to improve their skills vis-a-vis job performance and productivity, the effectiveness of training is critical to identifying and measuring training outcomes which includes the transfer of knowledge acquired from the training programmes to the job, the banking industry depends mainly on the efficiency of its human resource. Consequently, the competence of ADB’s workforce is critical to the success of the operations of the bank taking into consideration the continuous changes in technological advancement. The research recommended that the bank set quantitative bench marks for the various departments as well as monitor such factors as emerging economic trends, technological innovations and changing customer preferences in order to organise appropriate training and development programmes for employees.


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Nguah, J. A., & Asare, S. S. (2015). Assessment of the Impact of Training and Development on Employee Performance and Productivity. ADRRI Journal (Multidisciplinary), 25(3), 51-68.