Leadership and Organizational Performance: An Exploratory Study of Koforidua Polytechnic


  • Regina Bekoe
  • George Aboagye Agyeman
  • Stella Somuah Sarpong
  • George Aboagye Agyeman




Leadership is a vital tool for effective organizational performance and people in leadership position should be able to positively influence their followers to perform productively for the mission of the organization to be realized. This research explored leadership and its influence on organizational performance in Koforidua Polytechnic. Questionnaires were used to collect data from 325 out of 637 administrative and academic staff of the institution. The research came to light that 60% of the respondents were aware that the institution has a vision and mission statement, however 54% stated that they are not aware if the institution periodically reviews the mission statement. 74% of the respondents stated that the institution’s leadership recognize employees for their contribution and high performance and provide the necessary reward for deserving workers. The research found out that 60% of the respondents were not satisfied with the mode of sponsorships for formal learning in the institution. 66% of the respondents stated that leadership does not provide timely information and that most of the information flow through the grapevine channel. The research recommends that the institution should use the laid down channels of communication to disseminate information. Also there should be fairness in the selection of employees for sponsorship for further education and training.


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Bekoe, R., Agyeman, G. A., Sarpong, S. S., & Agyeman, G. A. (2020). Leadership and Organizational Performance: An Exploratory Study of Koforidua Polytechnic. ADRRI Journal (Multidisciplinary), 10(10). https://doi.org/10.55058/adrrij.v10i10.132