Environmental Impact of Construction Site Activities in Ghana.


  • J. Ayarkwa
  • A. Acheampong
  • J. K. Hackman
  • K. Agyekum




This paper reports on a study to assess the negative impacts of construction site activities on the environment using structured questionnaire survey approach. Fifty-five major construction sites involving a total of 330 contractors, site workers, consultants, and nearby residents were studied using the convenience purposive sampling method. The results showed that blasting, site clearance, earthmoving, and demolishing are the main site activities having adverse environmental impacts in Ghana. ‚Public nuisance‛ effects arising from construction site activities are degraded air quality from dust and stack emissions, noise and vibration from the use of powered mechanical equipment, and construction waste materials. The breeding of mosquitoes and other pests is also of concern to construction practitioners. Site workers, people in schools and hospitals, and nearby residents may suffer from sleeplessness and stress effect caused by noise nuisance, and allergies caused by dust nuisance from construction sites activities. Measures that will ensure the use of the best practicable means to reduce ‚public nuisance‛ effects should be instituted to address the concerns of nearby residents and the general public. Monitoring regulations to ensure that contractors measure and report impact levels during construction are recommended.


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Ayarkwa, J., Acheampong, A., Hackman, J. K., & Agyekum, K. (2020). Environmental Impact of Construction Site Activities in Ghana. ADRRI Journal (Multidisciplinary), 9(9). https://doi.org/10.55058/adrrij.v9i9.131