Traditional Leadership and Conflict Resolution Mechanisms in Ghana: The Case of Buipe
April 30, 2019
Mix Methods for Measuring Satisfaction and Priority Factors of Student Housing Facilities : A Case Study in University of Sriwijaya, Indonesia
May 31, 2019

Hygiene and Food Safety Practices of Traditional Caterers: A Case Study of Kantamanto Market in Accra, Ghana


The study aimed at the activities of traditional caterers and how it affects the food safety of their customers. The population was ‘chopbar’ operators (traditional caterers) and customers at the Kantamanto Market in Accra.  Using simple random sampling, twenty (20) chopbar operators were selected whiles eighty (80) customers who patronized these chopbars were conveniently selected. The instruments used were questionnaires, interview schedules and checklists. Poor sanitary conditions, poor personal hygiene, and pest infestation were identified. Findings uncovered revealed Traditional caterers as unprofessional operators in the food industry who are in need of in-service training to help them operate professionally. It was further revealed that, 100% of these chopbar operators had undergone medical screening, but felt reluctant to get their staff medically examined due to high staff turnover and the fact that they (the operators) had to foot the medical bills.