Accounting Information System on the Operations of Rural Banks in Ghana.
August 31, 2015
Factors Determining Internal Audit Quality in the Ghanaian Public Sector.
September 30, 2015

Homosexuality- How Prevalent Is This Practice In Tamale Metropolis In The Northern Region Of Ghana?


At such a height of the global outcry on homosexuality this research has been carried out necessary to gage the level of indulgence and people’s perception of it. Using Tamale Metropolis as a case study the study estimates the extent of prevalence, people’s perception of its source, the level of acceptability and the role of secular education in the phenomenon. A cluster random sampling technique was used to select (100) respondents in the Metropolis to fill questionnaires in which the researchers had made an underlining assumption that homosexuality would not be accepted in the society. The data collected were analysed by the use of SPSS (17) software. Hypotheses set was tested by the use of appropriate statistical tools such as Chi-square test, Analysis of variance and Correlation analysis while inferring from frequency tables and bar charts.