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May 31, 2019
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Harnessing the potentials of plant fibres into viable cords for weaving


This article describes a mixed method study on harnessing the potentials of plant fibres into viable cords for weaving purposes. The study sought to process and utilize selected plant fibres from two selected regions: Eastern and Upper West Regions of Ghana. It was found that these regions have abundant natural resources which further exposed the researcher to alternative uses of plant fibres for making yarns, cords, and ropes for weaving. Participants recruited for this study were weavers and were also introduced to basic macramé knots which further enhanced their local production of crafts within their communities. It is recommended that the forest regions of Ghana should be encouraged to cultivate some of these fibrous plants to provide high fibre yielding properties for weaving in addition to their economic benefits for the teeming unemployed youth of Ghana.