Financing Local Economic Development in Ghana: A Comparative Analysis of the Accra Metropolitan, Keta Municipal and Shai-Osudoku District Assemblies
September 30, 2018
Analysis of Gender Wage Gap and Contributing Features Identification Using Self-Organizing Maps
September 30, 2018

Financial Literacy of Non-Business Students: Evidence and Implications


The study sought to ascertain the extent to which non-business undergraduate students possessed financial knowledge that would enable them make prudent financial judgments and decisions. The study was motivated by the fact that since everyone makes use of money non-business students also ought to possess good financial knowledge to empower them to prudently manage their financial affairs. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data from the subjects after it has been validated via expert judgment and pre-testing. The study unveiled that the non-business students’ possessed relatively low financial literacy with most of them gaining the knowledge from the media. The results also disclosed that the males had high financial literacy as opposed to the females. The implications of the study findings have been discussed.