Chieftaincy Conflicts and Food and Livestock Production Challenges: An Examination of the Situation in Bimbilla, Ghana
March 31, 2019
Internal Actors and Approaches to Interreligious conflicts in some selected Senior High Schools in the Upper West Region of Ghana
March 31, 2019

Exploring Double-Faced Fabric on Indigenous Ghanaian Loom


The paper reports the production of a double-faced plain weave fabric on indigenous Ghanaian loom.  Double-faced fabrics have complex construction, which is achieved by manipulating a series or more of warp yarns against a series or more of weft yarns in producing a compound weave structure. The main goal of the research was to find out the possibility of weaving a double-faced plain weave structure on two shafts indigenous Ghanaian loom, using one warp beam(a set of warp yarns and two bobbins (two sets of weft yarns). The appropriate drafting order and lifting plan used to obtain a double shed for the production of the fabric was explored, the impact of warp tension on shedding and resultant fabric produced was assessed. The fabric was produced using one colour (light blue) cotton warp yarn and two colour (blue black and golden yellow) polyester wefts yarns.