Do children receive appropriate treatment for childhood burns in the New Juaben Municipality of Ghana? Implications for reducing complications with the use of home-based care.
October 30, 2013
Effectiveness of NAIP with special reference to livestock Based IFS interventions among the Tribal beneficiaries
October 30, 2013

Effects of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Social Science Research

As more and more ICT tools being developed and used in social science research, it is a good idea to reflect how ICT had effects on social science research as a whole as there is a lacking of such study. This study is underpinned on and concurred with DeLone & McLean’s (1992, 2003) Information Systems (IS) Success Model in which ICT had effects on productivity of social science researchers. This study is based on participative observation approach in which ICT had effects on social science research in the following three ICT application areas: a) Pre-data analysis, b) Data analysis, and c) Post-data analysis. These three ICT application areas had improved a researcher’s productivity in terms of speed, quantity, quality, complexity as well as cost perspective is also discussed. Some concerns of using ICT are also included in this paper which encompasses: a) High learning curve, b) Revised expectation on researcher, c) Research by the convenient of big data, and d) Decrease of social skills of researcher. Limitation, recommendation for future works and conclusion are also included.