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November 30, 2018
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November 30, 2018

Difficulties Colleges of Education Students face in chemistry practical in Northern Region of Ghana


The research investigated the difficulties student teachers face in Colleges of Education chemistry practical in the Northern Region of Ghana. The purpose was to explore the nature and causes of the difficulties student teachers face in the teaching and learning of chemistry practical and possible solutions. The study was carried out in the three Colleges of Education in the Northern Region of Ghana. The survey design was used for this study. The simple random sampling technique was used to obtain the sample size of two hundred and twenty two from the population of four hundred and forty four. The instrument used by the researchers was questionnaire. Frequency of the various responses were taken and converted to percentages.  The results of the study were presented using tables. The study revealed that: there are more male science student teachers than female science student teachers in the Colleges of Education, most teachers at the Senior High School level do not teach redox titration and qualitative analysis, most of the student teachers lacked prerequisite