The Ghanaian Open Market as Resource for Textile Designs
December 31, 2016
Effect of NPK (23-10-5) On Growth and Yield of Two Cowpea Varieties (Asontem and Asetenapa)
December 31, 2016

Coping with Bushfires in a Rural Community: interrogating Farmers’ Experiences in Yonso, Ghana


Like any disaster event, the fatal reputation of bushfires can destroy development gains at greater proportions and shortens the lives of many of the world’s population. Over the years, incessant annual bushfires have devastated the economic security of many people in Ghana whose livelihood mainly depends on farming. This therefore calls for understanding how to developing coping mechanisms to live with the canker. While there have been several claims in favour of adopting nationally developed framework on bushfire coping strategies, actualizing them largely remains a fantasy.