Distortion modelling of the coordinate transformation between Ghana War Office 1926 and WGS84 datum’s using Polynomial Interpolation method
August 31, 2017
Assessment of Indigenous and Contemporary Smock Weaves of Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana
August 31, 2017

Comparative Analysis of the Mechanical Behavior of Locally Fabricated Timber Truck Trailer Beds in Ghana


A timber truck is a large truck mostly used to carry heavy logs ranging from 21,000 – 28,000 kg. There are basically three types of timber truck trailer beds manufactured and used to carry timber logs in Ghana. These are; the square, round and the frame trailer beds and all of them show different failure rate as a result of different geometrical configurations. This study compares the mechanical behavior of the three types of trailer beds. Finite element method was employed in modeling and analyzing the mechanical behaviors of the trailer beds with loads been applied in an increment of 1000 kilograms (kg). At 28,000 kg load, the corresponding von-Mises stresses on the various trailer beds are; square trailer bed: 1332.0 MPa, round trailer bed: 545.28 MPa and frame trailer bed: 1003.6 MPa. It can therefore be concluded that, the round trailer bed which has a von-Mises stress lower than the maximum yield strength of the material used and the highest load of 12000 kg is the best compared to the square and frame types of trailers.