Migration and Poverty Nexus: Evidence from Northern region of Ghana
June 30, 2016
Residents’ Perception of Host-Guest Interaction about Kwahu Easter Festival (KEF) As Festival Tourism
July 31, 2016

Career Paths for Clothing and Textiles/Fashion Graduates


This descriptive survey discussed career paths available for Clothing and Textiles/Fashion students in the garment and textile production industries. Data was collected from a total population of 80 respondents, comprising 62 students, 12 entrepreneurs and 6 teachers. The data was collected using open-ended interview guides and questionnaire. It examined available career opportunities and how curriculum content reflects the needs of industry. Data were analyzed using frequency counts and percentages. The result shows that students are not aware of some career opportunities in both the textile and garment industries. Although the content of the curriculum reflected the needs of industry, the students could not connect those to career paths.