Enhancing Teaching and Learning through ICT Utilization: Gender Related ICT Implementation in Tamale Technical University in Ghana
March 31, 2017
The Impact of Tourism on Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in the Mole Communities
March 31, 2017

Assessing the challenges SMEs face as business operative in Mole Communities


This study seeks to find out the challenges SMEs face in the Mole Communities and also examine the effort of SMEs in maximising profit and increasing patronage of tourism in the Mole Communities. The researcher used survey as the research design for the study. A Probability sampling design was adopted to draw the sample for the study and simple random sampling technique was employed to select the respondents for the study. Questionnaire was use as the data collection instrument to source for information from one-hundred and ten (110) SMEs in Mole Communities. Data was analyzed and presented in the form of tables and charts. The result indicated that SMEs in Mole Communities faces major challenges in its attempt to be efficient in their operations.Inadequate, inefficient, and at times, non-functional infrastructural facilities at the Mole National Park