Influence of Irrigation Regimes on the Growth and Yield Components of Lettuce (Lattuca Sativa L.)
June 30, 2017
Estimating Economic Efficiency of Mango Production in Ghana
June 30, 2017

Analysis of Upstream-Downstream Irrigation Water Use Efficiency in Bontanga Irrigation Scheme


Despite the enormous contribution of irrigation to crop production in Ghana, the application efficiency remains generally low for most schemes. This study analysed the upstream-downstream water use efficiency at Bontanga irrigation scheme. Three (3) plots each were selected from the upstream, mid-stream and downstream along the main canal. The plots were labelled with plaques and soil samples were collected from the plots. The soil samples were subjected to laboratory analyses for bulk density, moisture content, field capacity, permanent wilting point and texture. A cross-sectional survey was also conducted on the yields of selected crops (maize, rice okro). The data was analysed with CROPWAT 8.0 for available Ea, AW and crop yield, net and gross irrigation requirements. Results from the analyses showed that the water losses were highest at the upstream and midstream.