The Effect of Cooperative Learning on Mathematics Achievement among Senior High School Students.
January 30, 2015
Lecturers’ Perspectives on the Suitability of the Assessment Regime for Competency-Based Training programme in Tamale Polytechnic.
January 30, 2015

An Assessment of Female Students’ ICT Use in Ghanaian Polytechnics.


This study assessed female students’ ICT use in Ghanaian polytechnics. The study used the survey approach to solicit data from 360 female students of three polytechnics in northern Ghana. The findings revealed that the use of ICT facilities such as computers, Internet and mobile phones was relatively high with the most commonly used ICT software being the word processor. Analyses also confirmed notable differences in polytechnic female students’ frequency of ICT use, perceived knowledge on skills and competences on ICT routine task and perceived barriers to ICT use. The recommendation is that the Government, policy makers and Polytechnics must do well to make ICT facilities available and functioning efficiently in every location of the polytechnic campuses.