Deficiencies and Decline of Daboya Local Dyeing Industry in Ghana
September 30, 2016
Product Standardization and Functional Diversification of “Bolga” Basketry for Export in Ghana
October 31, 2016

Adinkra Cloth Production in Retrospect


Evolving and reconnoitering new ways for Adinkra cloth production is fast dominating the Ghanaian traditional textile landscape and catching the attention of prominent personalities in Asante kingdom. The growing disposition to this emerging trend of Adinkra production gives a new fashionable outlook to chieftaincy. The study discusses current drifts from calabash relief-stamped Adinkra prints to screen prints through to bold sketched machine design embroidered Adinkra cloth production. It employs a developmental study of descriptive research to consider the existing status of singularities to the new changes that has taken place since the introduction of the machined embroidered Adinkra cloth.