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Africa Development and Resources Research Institute Journals are international, double blind peer-review and published as the official journals of the Africa Development and Resources Research Institute (ADRRI), Ghana. The journals aim to publish papers of high quality and strive to promote scholarly debate across a broad international coverage of the subject with a flexible editorial policy, accepting submissions in any of the areas within the journals scope. The journals scope cover all aspects of the environmental, labour economics, economics in general, gender studies, child rights, social, and cultural sustainability, including land resources, water resources, energy, agriculture, marine resources, ecology, environmental protection, health risks, education, human relations, labour, social policy, corporate responsibility, law, governance, urban planning, transportation, products & services, management, marketing & financial development, economic development, technological development, public policy formulation, engineering, water, trade, medicine, nutrition, management and marketing, poverty, democracy and development through quality applied action research.


Authors are not charged any submission fee for their manuscripts for submission to ADRRI Journals. Authors retain the copyright of their manuscripts published by ADRRI Journals and can distribute and share in any medium without restrictions. All Manuscripts published in ADRRI Journal of Medical and Biomedical Research are free.

You have your manuscripts published with the following journals with ISSN:

ADRRI Journal-Multidisciplinary: 2343-6662

ADRRI Journal of Arts and Social Sciences: 2343-6891

ADRRI Journal of Medical & Biomedical Research 2026-6022

ADRRI Journal of Engineering and Technology 2026-674X

ADRRI Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences: 2026-5204

ADRRI Journal of Physical and Natural Sciences: 2026-5360

You have fair and  objective  review for your manuscripts.

You have high visibility and indexing for your manuscripts.

The journals are all published Quarterly.


ADRRI publishes articles with high quality and as such pride itself among good journals with high impact factor. The rejection rate is 40% of total manuscript received for a month (For every 5 articles 2 are likely to be rejected if not met in house standard).


Akshit Goyal


I have published two research papers in ADRRI Journals this year. The ADRRI Journals aim to publish high quality papers. The result was very good as the journal is international and double blind peer reviewed. I found the experience of publishing papers in ADRRI Journals very good and I would recommend people to publish their articles or papers in ADRRI Journals.

AZUMAH Shaibu Baanni


ADRRI Journal has offered me the opportunity to learn from other researchers and also to contribute to knowledge through its very rapid but carefully reviewed system of publication. I strongly recommend ADRRI Journal for all who have research at heart.

Dr. Blessing F. Adeoye


When I first received an invitation from ADRRI to serve as a reviewer, I felt a little bit reluctant because I have been reviewing for so many journals and I am very picky with who I work with. I checked out samples of their journals and read some published articles, and I am pleased with the standard. I submitted an article that was published with ADRRI this year. I can attest to the fact that they communicate with authors and reviewers quickly and respond to their suggestions immediately. ADRRI Journals are international, double blind peer-reviewed, printed and online journals. I am satisfied with their services.

Ibrahim Adam Alhassan


Ibrahim Adam Alhassan is an Economics Tutor and holder of MBA in Organizational Behaviour, I see ADRRI Journals as remarkably and I revered their review and publications.

Sifile Obert


I am a researcher and PhD student at Chinhoyi University of Technology in Zimbabwe. I have published with ADRRI Journals and therefore recommend them to all and sundry as credible and important Journals.

Professor N. Ganesh


My rich experience as a Professor in Information Technology, Software Engineering and development and in Networking has been demonstrated as my role as a reviewer for this esteem Journal-ADRRI Journals.

Saeid and Pooya Parsa.


For publishing our paper computer simulation package is designed in MATLAB, to produce simulation programs for required system using activity cycle your journal. We must also give our great regards to MR Jamal Mohammed, who help us to achieve this goal.

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