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ADRRI Journals editors will check plagiarism by the use of plagiarism software, however, author(s) is/ are solely responsible for any issue of plagiarism in their manuscript (s) and therefore ADRRI Journals editors bear no responsibility.

Manuscript Submission


 Africa Development and Resources research Institute’s Journals  (ADRRI JOURNALS) welcomes the submission original research article on economics, environmental and resource economics, economic development, labour market studies, economic  policy, micro enterprising, business and marketing; gender studies, peace, water, engineering, Science in general, technology, vocation and technical education, hospitality, rule of law, language, medicine, nutrition, history, procurement and purchasing and supply, psychology, philosophy, library studies, shaping and contribute to policy towards poverty reduction and eradication, sustained growth, improvement in infrastructural development, achievement of MDGs, sustainable development, conservation and so on and the efficient use of resources through the findings of quality applied research.

Manuscript(s) should be sent by email attachment to Please follow the guidelines below and all submission will be acknowledged.

Length of article

Articles must be original and should not exceed 8000 words (14 pages excluding title page and appendix). Case studies, new point and book reviews should exceed 4000 and 8,000 words. All submitted articles must be original and not to be under consideration by any other journal. Brief comments on any aspect within the journals field of coverage which is of current interest and importance, along with comments on articles previously published in ADRRI conference may be submitted to the journal for publication.


ADRRI journal accepts papers or articles in British English and American English but not a mixture of both. Illustration should be clearly set out and well labeled for clear understanding.

Style of presentation

The first page of the manuscript should contain the full paper or article title with the full address of the author or authors. The institution or organization to which the authors are related or affiliated should be provided. Author attention is also drawn to the information on style and presentation which is given below. Articles which do not conform to the following will be return for modification before being read. Please read this carefully.

The general overall style of our manuscript(s) must follow:

INTRODUCTION: This contains the background, problem statement, objectives, research questions, hypothesis if any, significance, and literature review.

METHODOLOGY: this must contain the design, sample and sampling technique, target population, data sources, mode of analysis and so on.

RESULTS: this detail out the results of the study.

DISCUSSIONS: This is a detail of the discussion of the study.

CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION: Here, the conclusion of the study is provided here along with recommendations.


Full contact details for the author(s) should be supplied. Submission of electronic copy to the emails provided is the only accepted medium. Once an editorial decision is made to proceed with review, it would be communicated to the author. After the review, a decision would be made and author will be sent with a payment procedure before publication is done.

Title, author name(s) should be followed by an abstract of 100-250 words for article submission and a maximum of five (5) keywords.

Font size: 12

FontPalatino Linotype

The text should not be double column

Up to three categories of sub- title may be used. The first paragraph after a title is indented, whereas subsequent paragraph are.

Table and figures

Table and figures should be kept as simple as possible, clearly set out, and ruled without borders, with adequate headings and source of information. All tables graphs and figures must be numbered consecutively in the other in which they are referred to in the text (i.e. table 1 about here). Maps and diagrams dimensions 125*210 mm and should not be pictures but can be edited. There may  be appendices and any such information should be included in text.

Symbols, abbreviations, acronyms

Spell out in full acronyms and abbreviations when first used e.g. Ghana Living Standard Survey (GLSS).


Use the American Psychological Association Style of Referencing (APA Format) with the second line hanging. All references in the text should form part of the references column and references not in the text should not be included.

All submission should be made by e-mail attachment to


ADRRI Journals are  published monthly (every month) only online. Published articles are available online once accepted and payment is confirmed.